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Is Math the devil of your life?

Is Math the devil of your life?

Almost every student has a fear of mathematics due to the complexity of calculations and theorems, but it could be their favorite subject if they approach it positively. Usually they make common mistakes while solving questions and also sometimes they go blank and confused.
Read here to know how to overcome your fear of mathematics:

 Do more Practice
 Use mental calculations
 Divide the concepts in easy, moderate & difficult
 Learn Vedic math
 Don’t adopt new tricks for solving questions
 Repeat questions you find difficult again & again

 Make a formula sheet & take a glance of it everyday
 Avoid seeing the solution immediately, even if you don’t know the solution at least try to solve whatever you can
 If you are stuck in some topic & getting demoralized, leave that topic & take up another easier topic. Take up the previous one after a few days with fresh mind.
 Try to revise daily whatever you did a day before. Just a quick glance also makes a lot of difference.
Rather than being worried you should develop a plan to overcome your fear of mathematics. If you can learn formulas & methods you can easily get good marks in this subject.

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