How Class 11th Students can start preparing for CA? - APT
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How Class 11th Students can start preparing for CA?

How Class 11th Students can start preparing for CA?

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India provides the three-level CA program comprising Foundation, Intermediate, and Final courses.

While most aspirants start preparing for CA after Class 12th, students can also start their preparation early, while they are in Class 11th.

Read how Class 11 students can prepare for CA.

  • Plan how to manage Class 11th curriculum and CA preparation – First strategize your preparation process and prepare a proper study plan to cater for Class 11th and CA as well.
  • Join coaching classes and online preparation programs – You can join coaching classes and start preparing online to boost your confidence & knowledge about subject (especially non-commerce stream students).
  • Learn to manage time properly – You must learn to utilize your time to prepare for Class 11th and CA simultaneously.
  • Don’t ignore school curriculum as it is important for cracking CA – Class 11th syllabus provide basics that are important for cracking CA.
  • Solve Class 11th level test papers and mock tests – This would help you analyse your performance and build confidence.
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