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What are the benefits of doing CFA after CA?

What are the benefits of doing CFA after CA?

Chartered Accountancy (CA) and Chartered Financial Analysis (CFA) are two of the most demanded
professional career options. While CA is a sought-after course in India, CFA is a globally-recognized
professional qualification. Pursuing CFA and CA will give candidates an edge over others.
Here are some benefits of pursuing CFA after CA –

1. The CA+CFA combination will open new avenues in finance – Its helps you to gain
knowledge about various aspects of finance, including investment banking, portfolio
management, wealth management, corporate finance, credit research etc.

2. Clearing CFA level I is comparatively easy for CAs – A majority of CA syllabus overlaps with
that of the CFA level I exam. So it wouldn’t be difficult for you to crack the exam.

3. Increased chances of getting into global firms – Choosing CFA after CA will take you to the
top global companies.

4. CFA and CA will add more value to your profile – These programs help you to develop good
analytical skills along with practical knowledge. And will also add more value to your profile.

5. After pursuing CFA, one can earn a better salary – After completing CFA level I certification,
one can get a mean salary of 4-5 Lakh. But after completing all the three levels of CFA, you
can earn a salary of 6-15 Lakh.


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