Importance of Articleship in CA - APT
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Importance of Articleship in CA

Importance of Articleship in CA

In this era of competition, it is imperative to be a professional. A Chartered Accountant is also one such profession where theoretical and practical knowledge goes hand in hand. ‘As everyone having driving license may not know how to drive a car’ likewise only writing examinations is not enough unless you have done it practically. Practical training inculcates a disciplined attitude and develops the necessary skills. The most important thing during training days is the effective utilization of time between work and study. Thus, it provides the exposure of industry and also helps in developing communication skills to articulate effectively.

A qualified Chartered accountant without articleship is like a blunt knife, which does not have enough strength to cut anything. Articleship should be seen as a tool to learn and grow in the journey of a Chartered Accountant. Hence it is considered as a part of CA Student life.

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