How a strong base of 11th & 12th Commerce can help you in your career- APT
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How a strong base of 11th & 12th Commerce can help you in your career-

How a strong base of 11th & 12th Commerce can help you in your career-

After completion of 10th , students usually get confused which subject to choose and sometimes they end up choosing the subject not of their choice.
It is an important decision because what you will perceive in your 11th & 12th std. will help you in building strong subject base for further studies. Commerce is quite a popular choice among students that would bring success as well as job security. However, what most students do not realize is, even science stream students need to have a certain commerce aptitude. Here we are helping you to gauge how choosing commerce can help you in your career, what its importance, scope and a basic knowledge about the streams.
Firstly, you should understand what is commerce? It is a study of trade and business from producer to consumer. The main subjects that are taught in 11th & 12th Commerce stream include Accountancy, Economic, Business Studies and Mathematics (optional).
Commerce is a subject which comes across in your daily life, when you go shopping in a mall, visit a bank, calculate your household budget or plan your pocket money etc. So here are some reasons of studying these subjects –
 Studying economics helps you in gaining knowledge about the impact that decisions have on firms, nation, and the good & bad, the effects government policies have on the economy.
 Studying business allows you to observe and analyze the behavior and tactics of different firms. It also helps you to understand how business activities influence the society and the economy directly & indirectly.
 Studying accountancy enables you to learn and discover the various causes of successes and failures of different business enterprises. You will learn the art of recording, summarizing in terms of money.
All these subjects help you in building your professional career and if you wish to become an entrepreneur then you can develop your skills by choosing Commerce.
Students, who wish to work in a corporate world, usually select commerce in their education. As a 12th class commerce student, you must be aware about the basic concepts of economics, accountancy, mathematics and business studies. Good knowledge of these concepts can help you in your further education in commerce field. You have plenty of options to choose that can lead you to a bright career.
You can go for Bachelor’s degree (, BCA, BBA), Professional courses like (CA, CS, CFA). Apart from that you can go for government sectors as well as private sectors. You can be a part of corporate world as the analyst, banker, and manager, executive. There is lot of job opportunities for you if you choose commerce. It also offers you a handsome salary package. So understanding the importance of commerce it is very essential that you make your fundamentals very strong.

Once your basic concepts are clear
 Get good college and excel in higher education
 Clear competitive exams in 1 st attempt
 Crack Interviews with your strong knowledge & work in big corporate or MN C’s
 Grow in your career/business
“By holding a good position and work experience in the respective field, you can earn beyond the limits.” So give your best to these 2 years of high school, which will lay the foundation of your career.

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