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After giving CA Inter exams, one can do a lot of things to utilize their time. And also you should prepare
yourself for the challenges and grab the opportunities whenever you get the chance. There are few
activities that you can do to utilize your time.
1. Get Enroll for Training (ITT & amp;OT) – Before going for the articleship, it would be better to
undergone through training.
2. Read books related to finance, corporate world, business etc.
3. Read newspaper to enhance your knowledge. Also read students journals provided by ICAI.
4. Shortlist a few good firms to apply for your articleship. It is important to choose the right firm to
get the practical knowledge of the subject.
5. Students who have only appeared for the Group 1 should start preparing for the Group 2.
In case you are doubtful for your positive results, without wasting time start studying those subjects
again. Just take a break of 10 days. Give time to yourself, watch movies meet friends etc. Thereafter,
take up subjects you are not sure of passing without waiting for your results. As even if you pass, the
knowledge you gain will never go waste. But in case you do not pass, you will be just left with 3 months
for revision. So be proactive & utilize these 2 months wisely.
All these things will help you in enhancing your knowledge & CV. So don’t waste your time, engross
yourself in such activities to learn and grow.

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