Why giving mock test is important? - APT
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Why giving mock test is important?

Why giving mock test is important?

“Perfection comes with Practice”# Why giving mock test is important?? # CA Inter aspirants # CA Foundation # CS Foundation # CS Executive# CA/CS aspirants May-June aspirants

Every student knows about the mock test series but they always wonder why it is significant to take or simply fear giving them thinking they are not prepared. Mock tests are like trial exams that people take before appearing for the examination to assess the level of preparation. Hence all students should attempt as many mock tests as possible to get following benefits –

  • It helps students learn from their mistakes as it is the most effective method of evaluating your preparation plans and helps you to re-evaluate them.
  • ‘As retention is the key in clearing the exam’ so it is important to take mock tests so to gauge the overall learning.
  • It helps you to remain calm during examination.
  • It makes you familiar with the exam pattern.
  • It gives you the understanding of how to obtain maximum marks in exam.
  • You will learn time management of 3 hours and also the loopholes of the strategy.
  • Most importantly, it will help you to know about your accuracy and efficiency.
  • It builds up your confidence & the exam stress is much reduced.

After taking several mock tests you will be in the position to chalk out your weak points and to overcome them. So stop being afraid of mock tests, take as many as you can.

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