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Its OK to be an average student!!

Its OK to be an average student!!

In this era of contented youth where students are scoring above 95%, we forget about the average students and the penurious ones. I remember one of the dialogue from the movie 3 idiots—“Who was the first man to step on the moon? (Everybody knows)! Who was the second one? No one remembers who came second.”

When the value of the second person is negligible then you can imagine what importance the average students have. While it becomes critical to get education from one of the elite institutes of the country. Students endeavor their best to stand out of the way hence you should also understand the flow of emotions that average students have.

We have seen children getting depressed due to their average marks and not being able to focus on studying. But it’s fine to be an average and indigent student. It’s not important to come first; the key to success is hard-work. So every parent should teach their children to be honest and study dedicatedly and not simply expect them to come first.

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