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Finding the best guidance for CA Foundation

Finding the best guidance for CA Foundation

CA Foundation has been one of the most popular courses among commerce students. We will give you an idea about selecting the right coaching for CA Foundation” and some important details to get you geared up.


What is CA Foundation Course?

CA – Foundation is the entry level course in the Chartered Accountancy Curriculum. ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) conducts this course twice a year for students who enroll for CA Course.

Previously, CPT (Common Proficiency Test) was the entry level examination for CA Course, But ICAI changed that format.

There are both objective and subjective type questions in CA Foundation Examination. Here 2 subjects carry objective type questions and 2 carry subjective type questions.



Who can enroll for CA-Foundation?

  • A student who has cleared 10th standard is eligible to register under ICAI for the CA Foundation course.
  • However, they can appear in exam only after clearing 12th class.
  • Student who has passed 10th or 12th from a recognized board of education or any equivalent examination.
  • Registration with ICAI is mandatory.


Some important rules to consider:

  • Applicants who have completed bachelors or master’s degree in commerce with at least 55% marks can skip CA-FOUNDATION and are free to go directly for CA-INTERMEDIATE.
  • Applicants holding bachelor or master’s degree in any stream other than commerce must have obtained at least 60% marks. Candidates from fine arts are not eligible.
  • Candidates holding UG/PG degree from Open University are also inhibited to appear in the entry-level test. They can directly go for CA-/intermediate.


Subjects covered in Foundation Course

Here are the subjects which you will study in CA foundation Course.

Paper-1: Principles and Practice of Accounting (100 Marks)

Paper-2: Business Law & Business Correspondence and Reporting (100 Marks)

Section A: Business Law (60 Marks)

Section B: Business Correspondence and Reporting (40 Marks)

Paper-3: Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning & Statistics (100 Marks)

Part I: Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning (60 Marks)

Part II: Statistics (40 Marks)

Paper-4: Business Economics & Business and Commercial Knowledge (100 Marks)

Part I: Business Economics (60 Marks)

Part II: Business and Commercial Knowledge (40 Marks)


Passing criteria for CA- Foundation Examination

For clearing CA – Foundation Course, it is required to obtain minimum of 40% marks in each paper and a minimum of 50% marks overall.

NOTE: Paper-3 and Paper-4 are objective type papers with negative marking.


How to find the right institute for CA – Foundation?

Once you have decided to enter CA foundation, you need to select an institute for better guidance in your preparation. Also, you need to make sure that the institute has the facilities that you need including high quality study material, experienced faculty, and other major facilities that you need.


Points to consider:

  1. Check their earlier records about their performance in previous years.
  2. Enquire about their faculties, their experience and the subjects which they teach; it will give you an idea about their mode of teaching.
  3. What facilities are they providing to their students?
  4. Infrastructure facilities of the institute.
  5. The technical facilities that they are providing ex. APP, Recorded Lectures, Online courses etc.
  6. Extra facilities that are available including student support, alumni etc.
  7. Do they provide proper doubt clearing sessions?


What does APT has to offer? / Why APT?

We believe in “doing things differently at a level that is far beyond status quo”.

This belief has driven us to where we are today. We worked day and night with that in our mind to provide the best education that we can and our efforts have reflected in the results of our students.




Highly Qualified and Experienced Faculty for Commerce CA and CS

We have highly qualified Faculties with 15-20 years of experience in teaching, who are fully fledged and high functioning CA themselves. Our exceptional faculties have enabled us to break records time after time. We have become industry leaders in commerce, CA and CS teaching, thanks to our qualified and dedicated faculties.

We provide High Quality and Organized Study Material

The study material that we provide is the extract of years of hard work and dedication to excellence that has stood against the test of time. Our material has been revised regularly to keep the students ready for any challenge. This is professional level course material. It is not any average set of printed pages with copied facts and content.

We take Regular Tests

Regular tests tell us about the strength and weakness of students. Students can give these classrooms, tablets and online according to their convenience. These tests are subject/topic based and focused on checking the clarity of basic concepts of students.

Professional level Mock Test Series

Mock test series is conducted to prepare students for final exams. This is a professional level exam designed with maximum precision. It has unmatched quality be it the question paper or checking of answer sheets. We also display the ideal answers given, to all students.

Limited Size Batches for better attention on students

Limited size batches help us to give more individual attention to each student. The attention that they get is later manifested in the form of better results and with guidance from our expert faculties the students get the most out of every lecture.

We have excellent Foundation Courses

Our foundation courses clarify the basics in the simplest possible way. We make sure that students get basic strength that they need in all subjects by giving them the highest quality of content available.

Special Guidance Sessions before Exams

We make sure that the student is academically, mentally and morally ready before exams. So we conduct special guidance sessions before exams to keep their morale high even in toughest of situations.

Timely Course Coverage with Advanced Revision

  • We make sure that the course is completed timely and the revision is done properly in advance.
  • Doubts are revisited multiple times for a deeper understanding.

Personality Development and Self-grooming along with Studies

We work on both academics and personality development. The positive environment at our institution helps the students to express themselves freely. Group discussion sessions are also conducted so that students can develop strong communication skills.




APT app is designed to provide all the latest content at your fingertips so they won’t miss anything important. Our app is designed to keep students connected and help them study on the go.

APT app contains:

  • Latest study material
  • Student friendly language
  • Unlimited set of practice questions
  • All India level mock tests every Sunday with sample AIR generation.
  • Study material for all subjects.

Our App is available on both iOS and Android.

Recorded Video Lectures

In case a student misses his/her lectures then we have daily recordings of lectures that will keep them up to date on whatever that they have missed so far. It is extremely helpful to keep a video library in a single app that is available at your convenience anytime, instead of carrying notes, all you need is your smartphone or tab.

Apt Tab Education

APT provides best quality tablet to the students at no extra cost.


  • Wide database of recorded lectures
  • Easy viewing
  • Available at all APT centers

24×7 Student Support

Our experts and faculties are available 24×7 to clear any doubts that the students may have at any given time of the day. This is to help them manage their personal and academic life in the best way possible. 



AC classes

We have air conditioned classes to give our students a comfortable environment to learn and develop.

Proper Camera Surveillance and Secured Campus

We need that to:

  • Avoid destruction of student property.
  • Avoid Bullying/Teasing
  • Protect Vehicles
  • Keep an eye on Unauthorized Intruders
  • Keep an Eye on Remote Entrances/Exits & Off Limit Areas
  • Watch Busy Corridors

Hostel Facility

We provide hostel facility to our students:

  • For study, hostel gives a very friendly atmosphere.
  • There is a set time for everything.
  • The students lead a disciplined life.
  • It gives a competitive environment for studies.

Van Facility

We provide van facilities to our students so that they can have a safer journey and parents can be assured about their child’s safety.



One Time Fees for Repeaters

If the student thinks that he/she can perform better than their previous results, then we welcome them to try for a better opportunity. This is the main reason why we do not charge any money from repeaters.

Scholarship test

AGST (APT Grand Scholarship Test) is one of a kind free scholarship test with no registration and no examination fee for all the participants. The participants will get up to 100% Scholarship according to their performance. This event is an equal opportunity event for people of all classes of society.

Constant Parent – Faculty Interaction

To stay updated with your child’s academic and social growth, regular parents-teachers meetings are held. This gives you another perspective and insight in the student’s development, so that you can prepare yourself and child for upcoming times.

Student Data Feedback

  • Automated Attendance – To check and monitor presence of students. We make sure that he/she is attending classes regularly and inform parents about any situation.
  • Behavior Feedback – If anything is bothering the child, we make them feel comfortable to share with us. When it is something that we are not connected to or not able to tackle then we contact the parents, so that we can work together with them to get a proper solution for the concern.
  • Result Feedback – Our test series are also conducted online through APT App or APT Tab. Regular tests are held on 9:00 pm on scheduled days, so that you can monitor your child’s progress and check the results. Your child’s performance is shared with you on a consistent basis to keep you aware.



Placement Services

We provide placement services to students after they complete their respective course. This is our way to show mutual appreciation for the efforts they have made with us and give a much-needed boost at the beginning of their career.

APT Alumni

APT remembers its star performers and cherishes their contribution in inspiring future students. They will be the face of APT no matter how far they go in future. We remember all our alumni and often call them to celebrate with us as we cross milestone after milestone.

APT Achievements


  • 7 AIR’s in top 50 from CA-Foundation NOV’18 Batch.
  • 3 AIR’s and top 3 Ranks in M.P. from CS – Foundation in Dec 2017 batch.
  • 2 AIR in CS Executive DEC’17 Batch.
  • 1ST RANKS in Bhopal from Class 12th Commerce CBSE from 2013, 15 and 16.
  • 5 AIR’s among top 25 ranks in June 18 CS Foundation.
  • 2nd AIR CA – CPT June 2014, 1st Rank MP.
  • 1st rank in Bhopal and AIR top 20’s in CS Foundation 2012, 13 and 14.
  • CA – CPT 1st Ranks in M.P. June 2011 and 12 along with Dec 2012.
  • IPCC May 2014: 17 out of top 20 Bhopal Ranks.
  • 2013, 15 and 16 toppers from 12th CBSE commerce were from APT.
  • CA-CPT 1st ranks in DEC’16, JUNE’17 and DEC’17 Batches.


CONSISTENT PERFORMANCE – we have been No.1 in the terms of Selections:


  • Out of 423 Bhopal Passouts, 223 were APTians.
  • Among top 10 rankers in Bhopal 8 were APTians

CPT DEC 2012

  • Out of 235 Bhopal Passouts, 165 were APTians.
  • Among top 10 rankers in Bhopal 8 were APTians.


  • Out of 328 Bhopal Passouts, 242 were APTians.
  • Among top 10 rankers in Bhopal 9 were APTians.

CPT DEC 2013

  • Out of 328 Bhopal Passouts, 243 were APTians.
  • Among top 10 rankers in Bhopal 11 were APTians.


  • Out of 301 Bhopal Passouts, 195 were APTians.
  • Among top 10 rankers in Bhopal 9 were APTians.

CPT DEC 2015

  • Out of 225 Bhopal Passouts, 145 were APTians.
  • Among top 10 rankers in Bhopal 9 were APTians.


  • Out of 265 Bhopal Passouts, 165 were APTians.
  • Among top 10 rankers in Bhopal 9 were APTians.

CPT DEC 2016

  • Out of 262 Bhopal Passouts, 162 were APTians.
  • Among top 10 rankers in Bhopal 9 were APTians


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