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How can parents help children in selecting the right career?

How can parents help children in selecting the right career?


Parents are the main supporting pillar in a child’s life and they are the ones who can help a child in selecting the right career. No one can guide your child better than you. Children mostly select their own career nowadays, but what if they are not able to select the right profession for them. This is the point where you can support and guide your child towards a better career.

If you want your child to enjoy a successful career, there is a need for well-organized career planning. Since there are a lot of different fields nowadays, you and your child may end up getting confused. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered in that department.

There are some key factors which will help you and your child in making the right decision.


Goals, Interests and Abilities of your Child


When someone starts a journey they are often full of energy and strength, but as the time passes and the journey goes forward, people lose interest and energy for the main goal. That’s why people quit a lot of endeavors which they start.

NOW, you need to clarify some points yourself and with your child, because these points will help you in future.

  • What is your child’s goal?
  • Where does he/she want to reach after 5 or 10 years in life?
  • What are your child’s interests/What is your child passionate about?
  • Are they aware about the risk factors and difficulties in that profession?

You might have planned something for your children but they might be interested in something else entirely. It would be difficult for them to work in a profession they are not interested in, so don’t pressurise your children into something they don’t want.


Future Possibilities


One of the things that you must consider when discussing about the career of your child is “possibilities”. Demand and supply of professionals in various sectors change according to time and trend. You and your child must keep this important point in mind while determining their path in future.

Here are a few points to consider.

  • What and how much demand there is for a specific profession/field in industries today?
  • What would be the status of demand and supply of this profession in future?
  • What level of scope are you expecting from the industry?
  • What is the highest designation your child wants and how will he/she reach it?


It is also vital for your child to stay informed about current trends and industry pattern.

However, you should also stay updated about the current trends in any industry and keep an eye out for what’s going on, because you will be able to guide your child properly when there is any confusion.


Monetary Factor

There is one important factor that everyone must consider before jumping to any type of conclusion.

What would be the pay-scale and incentives after a certain amount of time? / Rate of Growth.

Financial freedom is one of the main goals of anyone who is pursuing any discipline or field. So make sure that your child selects one which fulfils his financial needs. There is no growth in any field without a strong monetary base.

When your child is giving his valuable time and effort in something, he/she must get a better return out of it.

Here are a few points to consider:

  1. What is the rate of increment in the industry?
  2. How much time will it take to get the increments?
  3. Stability in the industry/profession.
  4. About adjacent fields and extra sources of income.

Money may not be the only deciding factor in career selection, but, it is still an important point to consider when you are planning for future.

Avoid Over Expenditure on Education

When someone is selecting a course, they must make sure that the studies must not be heavy on the pocket. There is a large variety of courses available nowadays which are very inexpensive compared to traditional courses but still provide the same scope and pay-scale.

There is no point in taking a huge loan and drowning yourself in debt just so you can get a degree which may or may not be worth it. Choose an affordable profession that you can pursue. If you think carefully about it then you will always find that there are such options.

For instance:

Let’s say you are selecting MBBS or MBA, due to the lucrative career profile and high demand; there is a possibility that the fee could be heavy and due to the mental strain your child may or may not be able to focus on their studies.

But as an alternative, CA and CS may be great options for you because of the similar profile but low expenditure and same amount of benefits.

Take assistance from Career Counsellors

Career counsellors are often overlooked in the process of career selection. They are the professionals who can give you valuable insight about the future options.

This will help you in many ways:

  1. Systematic and professional assessment of the child’s abilities.
  2. Give you another perspective about their career path.
  3. Exploring available options and fine details about opportunities available.
  4. You get good connections in education field.
  5. They will help you in taking decisions which based on practical facts and case studies.

There are colleges and institutions that conduct counselings/guidance sessions for career selection of your child by assessing their strengths and weaknesses. Establishing a good communication with career counsellors and teachers will prove to be very helpful in future.

We know that every child comes from a different background and has a different backstory. But there is one thing in common for all parents; we want the best for our children.

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